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Bette’s Blog: Hvar

Sitting here in rainy, cold Seattle, my mind travels back to sunny Hvar with its’ lavender fields and the views from the Hvar fort into the harbor and surrounding islands. It truly is one of the most magnificent views in the entire Adriatic.

It is always a special day on our tour as we visit the main city, Hvar City and then travel on to Starigrad (old town) for a traditional Dalmatian meal of Brodet (fisherman stew). When I say that all the fish is fresh, I truly mean it. The owner and chef (Damir) does not purchase the fish from the fish market until we are on the ferry and Joe calls him to say that we are on our way.

Damir is well-known in Dalmatia for being an excellent chef and when you eat his food you will know why.  After lunch we try to fit in one more small, sleepy town known for its’ series of bridges over a small canal.  When we arrive it is the traditional nap time in Croatia and the town is truly sleeping.  That said, there are still sladoled (ice cream) shops that are open if anyone wants cool refreshment. More about the Croatian ice cream in another blog.  All I will say is yum, awesome, fantastic and I want sladoled every day.