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Bette’s Blog: Brela in October

October in Brela – on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia – is an absolute paradise: temperatures in the mid 70s, azure blue sky with the backdrop of the Biokovo Mountain range and the islands of Brac and Hvar rising up from the aqua Adriatic Sea. Everything is heavenly, there are very few tourists and the temperatures are not hot like in July and August. The sky and the mountains are so incredible that it does not look real, but more like a Hollywood set.

Today is Saturday and families are in the fields picking olives. Dalmatian olive oil is an absolute delicacy; our guests from our Croatian tours always take some home with them as a souvenir to recreate the wonderful meals they have enjoyed on their visits.

Picking olives in Croatia is a fantastic sight to see. Grandparents, parents and children all in the fields and you can hear the chatter and the children having fun. After a day of picking, the families prepare a meal of “rostilj”, which are meats prepared over a wood fire. Everyone is tired and happy to eat this wonderfully prepared meal. The olives will now be pressed into delicious olive oil to be enjoyed throughout the year in Dalmatia. There is nothing like the fresh bread from Croatia to dip into this wonderful delicacy.

October on the Dalmatian coast in Croatia is such a special time – we hope to see you on tour!