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Dubrovnik and Croatian Cuisine

As I am sitting here on my terrace looking out onto the Adriatic Sea watching  butterflies lite on the lavender,I am reviewing our day in  Dubrovnik yesterday. The only way to describe the day is perfect!  The weather was sunny with a breeze and not hot.  There were no cruise ships, which meant there were no crowds. HORRAY!!

Dubrovnik reminded me of the first time I was there in 1976 and it is still the most enchanting walled city I have ever seen.  Our guests enjoyed a private, walking, guided tour of the town and then some of us had lunch in the City Cafe on the water side – fantastic!

After some shopping we headed out to the town of Ston. Ston is noted for two things: the second longest stone wall out side of China and their salt fields. The sea salt fom Ston is very famous and enhances the flavor of cooking. Speaking of cooking, the food we had in Ston was over-the-top incredible. After an aperitif of home-made liquors, we  were treated to a fish pate on warm toast. Then came the fresh, spinach pasta with seafood. OMG We were then treated to black risotto with cuttlefish – amazing! The final course was grilled squid with blitva. That is a mixture of potatoes and swiss chard prepared with lots of garlic and olive oil. Anything with garlic and home-pressed olive oil has to be delicious. As Joe and I were thinking about our day, we were so pleased that our guests said the the day was” spectacular “.  As sad as it was to leave Dubrovnik, we  still had Brela with “The Most Beautiful Beach in Europe” to come home to and enjoy.