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Spring Morning in Dalmatia

Being in Brela in the spring has mixed blessings:  some rain and no tourists.  Today Joe and I decided to drive to Baska Voda (the next town south of Brela) and walk in the nature preserve. It was exquisite and the scent of gardenias were in the air.  It was fantastic.  The scent comes from a variety of oleander that has small, waxy leaves and clusters of small, white flowers. I remember that scent from the first time I came to Croatia in 1976.


We were staying in Dubrovnik, it was May and I was truly in paradise.  After the children were sleeping and Joe agreed to stay back at the hotel, my mother and I would walk to the old city and stroll those ancient streets with the scent of those flowers and music coming from the various hotels. WOW, that was a long way from East Greenwich, Rhode Island, my home town, and I was loving the Adriatic experience.


After our walk, we stopped at a café bar for a cappuccino and loza (Croatia grappa) and were spontaneously serenaded by a group of men having their coffee and Sunday gathering for friendship and commodore. That is quintessential Dalmatia!


We are now back home, sitting on the terrace with our adopted cats, all seven of them and enjoying some Croatian wine and looking at the sea.  The swallows are back and we can also hear the doves.  What can I say other than this is as close to paradise as I have experienced.