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Picking Pomegrantes

It is that time again; time to pick pomegranates. By the first of October, the pomegranates are ripe and juicy and we have several bushes on our property that are just enough for our family.
The first year I peeled these juicy devils, the walls and I were covered with sticky, red juice. It took me hours to clean the walls and floor and I wondered what in the world was I thinking.  The next year, a streak of genius happened (happening less as I get older) and I decided to look online for a better way to tackle this problem. There was a great suggestion although I was dubious. Fill a large bowl with water, score the fruit in four places, place the fruit under the water and peel away the outside.  The membranes separate and float to the top and the seeds lay on the bottom. It was fantastic. For now, I put the seeds in ziplock bags and put them into the freezer for future use. I am going to experiment and I will pass on this info along in the next blog.