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The Red Pepper Caper

I should have learned my lesson years ago when I asked Joe to please bring me some tomatoes from Eastern Washington when he returned from a business trip and I ended up with  350 pounds. SO much for moderation.
  • Fast forward 30 years and when I asked Joe to please bring me some red peppers and eggplant for Ajvar…..I should have expected trouble. Oh yes, I did get peppers and eggplants, 125 red peppers and 45 eggplants. Two days later after roasting, peeling, seeding, processing, and cooking,  I have delicious Alvar to take back to Seattle.  The red peppers here in Croatia are so delicious. They are shaped like chili peppers, but huge and sweet. They call them “horns”. The fact that everything is so fresh also helps with the flavor. In addition, using freshly pressed olive oil and sea salt from the Adriatic makes everything especially delicious. Cooking here on the Adriatic is not about  doing  things fast and easy, it is all about flavor, delicious, fresh food.