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Additions to the Croatian Mandich Household

I have been adopting cats in Brela ever since we moved into our home it. Let me make this clear, I do not seek them out, they find me. I think the  word is out : there is a crazy American women that will feed us and take care of us. Maker no mistake about it, they are feral cats, not ones that sit in your lap, purr and cuddle. That said, we have caught them, had them spayed and then they take off and live with other people.  All kidding aside, I am happy that has hhappened.
This year the latest cat to wonder in is one I named Oregon, black and white female. Well, Oreo did not get spayed soon enough and we have 3 beautiful kittens, yet to be named. We are so fortunate that we have a neighbor that loves cats and takes care of them while we are in Seattle. We buy the food and provide the kennels and our wonderful neighbor provides the love while we are gone. These are the first kittens that allow you to hold them and pet them…..and they purr. Success at last. My neighbor is so excited to have these gorgeous kittens and they are going to be spayed to help reduce the population.