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Say hello to Lucy, The Tornjak

This is one of the dogs that we brought back from Croatia. If it’s not olive oil, cherry brandy, cheese, salt, chocolates, kittens, well …then it has to be dogs. I should just give up and live in Brela full time since I seem to love everything Croatian.

I feel in love with this Breed, called Tornjak, pronounced “torn yak”. It’s a very old breed that was almost extinct and then brought back by monks in the mountains of Bosnia. The purpose of the breed was to guard livestock and this breed is loyal, strong and persistent. The thoughts are the breed may have come from Bernese Mountain Dog, Great Pyrenees, and maybe even Saint Bernard. Whatever the lineage, this is one sweet, patient and gentle dog. Lucy weighs about 100 pounds and allows Beau, the cat, to literally torment her. Small children can climb all over her and she allows it without any problem. If there is just one thing that is difficult to handle is that magnificent coat of hers that sheds pounds. The good thing is that she will allow you to vacuum her… really!

Because she was bred to guard, she is so quiet on her feet that she can be literally beside you and you do not know it until you turn and she scares you to death. Lucy is also an escape artist and was able to jump over a 6-foot fence to go on an adventure while we are roaming the neighborhood trying to find her. Let’s just say that we have used some choice words while we were running all over looking for her. As angry as she makes us, we just take one look at that gorgeous face and all is forgiven.

If you want to adopt a Tornjack of your own, you will have to visit a veterinarian, have the appropriate injections, get a dog passport (really), buy an airplane ticket and secure a kennel. We drove to Aviano, Italy to find two kennels large enough to hold the dogs. Call me totally crazy, but it has been worth it. We adore this breed. Come on one of the Croatia Only Tour and you can also bring back a dog, cat or whatever else you have the nerves to arrange.

Safe travels, The Mandich Family and Maja.