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People Still Live Here

At a quick glance it appears that the old village is deserted, but look again and see the laundry on the line, There is a renewed interest in restoring many of the old villages in Dalmatia. People are realizing that they want to preserve their ancestral homes. And in cases[…]

Protecting Tires

So, here is a photo that I took while walking on the Island of Brac the day of the fish picnic. To be sure, I took a double take and said to myself: “What the h_ _ _ is that?”. It was explained to me when I asked the owner[…]

Sailing West

The Fall winds are starting to pick up and that is great sailing weather. I am not talking about Bura. Those winds are the winds that make you stay inside and button down the hatches. Yesterday was perfect for the couple on this sailboat. Wish we knew them. But alas,[…]