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What is it about Church Bells?

I have learned to love the church bells and really miss them when I am in Seattle. They ring from 6 a.m. until midnight and then they also go to bed for 6 hours.

What is it about them that makes me feel secure and calm. I think that it is the predictability of the bells, you can count on them in a world that doesn’t, at times, feel reliable. Every hour, day after day, they are doing their job and ringing out the hours, always accurate, always reliable.

At times of great celebration, they break the rules and go a bit crazy… i.e. the World Cup in Soccer. Those bells went ballistic. Then again, when there is a funeral, the bells ring out the age of the person being mourned.

So dependable, so reliable are those bells. Something that you can rely upon no matter what. Now, that is a refreshing feeling.