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Meet Vjeko your Adventure Tour Guide

Well, we inherited a new member to our family nine years ago in the shape of a 6 foot 4 inch, handsome man from all places, Split, Croatia. How did we inherit him, you ask. It all started at CroatiaFest in Seattle. That is a yearly event of information, culture, music, dance, and food that was started to expose Americans to the country of Croatia after Croatia became independent from Communist Yugoslavia. Monya and her sister, Kristen, were at this celebration and my version of the story goes like this: Vjeko took one look at Monya and said: “Who is that amazing, gorgeous, smart, talented woman from that incredible Mandich family, I must have her as my wife.” Well, it was something like that anyway.

Vjeko arrived from Split, got a great job and you know the rest of the story…Monya.

Now we are going to put Vjeko to work to lead an Adventure Tour but be ready, this guy is in great shape. We will bike, hike, river raft, kayak and give you an unforgettable experience. Since Vjeko has a real job, at this point we will offer just one Adventure Tour this year. More details will follow soon.

Happy Travels. The Mandich Family and Maja and Vjeko.