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Brač Croatia

As I sit on my terrace in Brela, I am looking directly to the Island of Brac. In addition to the many beautiful towns on this Dalmation Island, there is the sculpture school in the town of Pucisca. For over 100 years, students have been carving objects d’art out of[…]

Bura hits Makarska Riviera

We talk about wind a lot. Wind from the north is called Bura and wind from the south, Jugo. This is an example of Bura. It was literally difficult to stand up and impossible to walk. Luckily, the winds are usually in the late fall and winter months. This photo[…]

Croatian Farmers Market

We were walking through the Farmers Market, one of my favorite things to do on Tuesday morning, and I saw this. What is it? Well, this was a version of a baby carrier, a car seat. What made this even more appealing to me is that it is carved with the[…]