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Dalmatian Island Brač

With over 1100 islands on the Dalmatian coast, Brac is one that is know for its natural beauty, antiquity and wine. The vineyards of this Croatian island have the similar challenges that do the remainder of the Islands; that being lack of water and poor soil. I heard an expert say: ” To produce a great wine, the grapes have to suffer”. And suffer they do on a Dalmatian Island. The intense sun, lack of water and Rocky soil produce some wonderful wines such as the wines from Stina Winery. This is a co-op that was established in 1903. They use Plavic Mali grapes ( translated into little blue) and Posip grapes. All I can say is yum.

Another winery on the island is owned by Sasa Senkovic and they produce among other wines an outstanding Spiza Rose. You will definitely enjoy this experience.
Join us on a Croatia Only Tour and do some wine tasting on your free days. You will love the experience. Happy Travels, The Mandich Family and Maja and Vjeko.