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On our Croatia Only Tour, we visit the town of Mostar, located in Bosnia/Herzegovina. Mostar is famous for its’ bridge that spans the Neretva River and its’ Turkish style bizarre. The stone bridge was designed by Mimar Hayruddin in 1566 under the orders of Sultan Suleiman. The bridge is 92 feet long and 66 feet wide and in its’ time was considered a wonder. The town followed the rules of having one side for commerce and the other side for a residential area. The town originally had 13 mosques. There are 6 remaining while the 7 were lost during World War II and during the last war of 1991-1995. 
Mostar gets its’ name from the bridge keepers who guarded the bridge. The name for these people was mostari, hence the city became Mostar. The bridge was built in the 16th century by the Ottomans and is considered to be an example of Islamic architecture. 
Mostar became a significant trade route between the Adriatic and Bosnia due to its’ mineral-rich resources along with tobacco, wine, and aluminum. Mostar is always a favorite with our guests. In addition to the visit to this picturesque and historic site, we have lunch at Maja’s home where her mother prepared a wonderful lunch. It is beyond incredible to be able to go to a private home where we are treated to food and wine that is organic and where all the products come from their land and prepared by their hands.
The remainder of the day, we visit local sites in the area and finish the day with a trip through Joe’s village, the waterfalls with its’ gristmill and finally dinner on the River Trebizet. Truly, this is one of my favorite days because of the historic venue and natural beauty.