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Why Olive Oil is so expensive

Once again the end of October/beginning of November is olive picking time in Dalmatia. I don’t know much about Olive trees,  but I have been told that every other year the yield is bigger.  Last year was not a good year in Brela for olives, they were small and scarce.  This year has been a bumper crop, the olives are huge and plentiful. The process for picking olives is so labor intensive as each olive has to be picked by hand. The only think that appears to make the process more bearable is the fact that families work together picking the crop and there is lots of chatter, laughing and a picnic lunch in the groves. The olives are then brought to a commercial press where there is a fee for pressing them. This time is scheduled and you bring your olives on the day and time specified. So, now I know why olive oil is so precious to Dalmatians and so expensive to buy in the market. I have enclosed a few pictures so you can see the abundance of this years crop.