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Brela Nights

Cool breezes, Klapa music in the center of the village of Brela, children dancing on the promenade, boats in the harbor bobbing and moonlight. Pinch me. Is it possible that there is a place more beautiful, more relaxing and more scenic? I truly don’t think that is possible. The Adriatic[…]

Old Sunday Drives

Remember the old Sunday drives? Well Joe and I decided to take one of those ” old people” Sunday drive yesterday. Instead of the scenic A-1 on the East Coast or the Pacific Coast Highway on the West Coast, we took the only road going north to south (other than[…]

Makarska Riverside

The Makarska Riviera is an area that encompasses a series of small villages that line the Adriatic Coast. Villages like Brela, Baska Voda, Bratus, and Tucepi are just a few of the small villages that are situated on the Adriatic Sea and are magnificent in their beauty, tranquility, authenticity and[…]