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That’s one big clam!

That clam could feed an entire village in Dalmatia. Really, only joking. That piece of art is a representation of the creativity of the people that live on the Adriatic Coast. I am so impressed with the art that is produced in Dalmatia; everything from jewelry, paintings, weaving, sculpture, music, poetry and wood carving. For a country that was under siege from foreign enemies for so much time, it has emerged with a cornucopia of beautiful art forms. The Dalmatian people were able to use the time when they were occupied to learn from their oppressors. Whether it be food styles learned from the Turks, Italians or French or other arts introduced by their “uninvited guests”. That is one of the things that has always impressed me about Croatia and its people. In addition to learning from others, they have learned to use what resources available. For example, Brac stone is used for all sorts of things from jewelry to carvings to building materials. Some Brac stone has been used in our very own White House. Magnificent stone walls can be seen in Dalmatia everywhere. They look like an art form while they are being used to retain soil, divide property and contain livestock. Our very own ” little, stone house” in Brela is beautiful to me as I look at the stone used inside and outside. I wonder how it ever happened that these beautiful stone walls were constructed when there were no power tools, no way to life the extremely heavy stones. Suffice to say, there were no wimps in those times. 

As I digress thinking about the beautiful Adriatic Coast, I would like to invite all of you to come to Dalmatia on a Croatia Only Tour and see for yourself and maybe buy a piece of art from the magnificent Adriatic. Happy Travels, The Mandich Family are Maja.