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Makarska Riverside

The Makarska Riviera is an area that encompasses a series of small villages that line the Adriatic Coast. Villages like Brela, Baska Voda, Bratus, and Tucepi are just a few of the small villages that are situated on the Adriatic Sea and are magnificent in their beauty, tranquility, authenticity and offer views that are spectacular. Several of these villages also offer the tourist the opportunity to take a ferry to the islands, like the Island of Brac and the Island of Hvar. The small ferry that leaves Makarska will take you to the town of Sumartin on the Island of Brac. You can be a foot passenger if you want to spend a few hours on the water, have lunch along the sea and then return to Makarska. Or you can take your car on board and then you can explore the entire island which has many villages like the village of Pucisca. This village has the Stonemason School where students are trained to be sculptors.

Makarska is the largest town on this strip of the Dalmatian Coast. Makarska also has a beautiful promenade that follows the Adriatic. There are shops, restaurants, cafe bars, and nightlife. There’s a water polo training center along with a lighthouse that visitors can rent. The entire town is surrounded by the very impressive Biokovo mountain and makes a backdrop fit for a Hollywood set. If you’re in for a thrill, you can enter the National Park and drive to the top of Biokovo. Be prepared for hairpin curves, sheer drops and at certain spots, one car lane. It requires nerves, for sure, but once you arrive, you will think you are one step to heaven. Horses, cows, and donkeys roam free and there is a lovely konoba ( family restaurant) where you can have lunch or dinner.

Back down in Makarska, there is the traditional square that you find in European towns and of course, the church. During the tourist season, it is not unusual to find a performance in the square. There are also new wine bars and gourmet restaurants. As you can imagine, seafood is plentiful and delicious.

Makarska is a mere fifteen-minute drive from Brela and makes for a lovely trip on a free day or for an evening outing.

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