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Old Sunday Drives

Remember the old Sunday drives? Well Joe and I decided to take one of those ” old people” Sunday drive yesterday. Instead of the scenic A-1 on the East Coast or the Pacific Coast Highway on the West Coast, we took the only road going north to south (other than the autoput…more interior pay road.) It is so incredibly beautiful as you follow the jagged coastline looking down on village after village. You can stop for lunch, a coffee or glass of wine in any of these picturesque villages. Seriously, you think you are being cast in a movie scene it is so beautiful, peaceful and without throngs of tourists. The more well known areas like Dubrovnik do not afford the same experience. Not saying that you do not want to see Dubrovnik when you are in Croatia, but you must see the authentic Dalmatia and that is what we provide on our Croatia Only Tours. Come see the best of Dalmatia with the Mandich Family and Mija.