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Brela Nights

Cool breezes, Klapa music in the center of the village of Brela, children dancing on the promenade, boats in the harbor bobbing and moonlight. Pinch me. Is it possible that there is a place more beautiful, more relaxing and more scenic? I truly don’t think that is possible.

The Adriatic Coast is so conducive for relaxing and being stressed is truly impossible. My family has a nickname for the atmosphere in Brela. We call it the ” Brela noodle”. When our guests arrive on our Croatia Only Tour, they are excited, eager to do everything almost all at once. Well, by Tuesday, the Brela noodle starts. People become so relaxed and all their concerns fall away and their bodies relax…sort of like a noodle.

The Adriatic Coast is so magnificent and the village of Brela is so beautiful, so

picturesque that it is used in travel brochures for the entire coast. The Brela Rock is featured in advertising for places a hundred miles away, like Dubrovnik. We, locals, find that pretty humorous.

Brela is the perfect place to base our headquarters. There is no place better

to end a day of touring than Brela. No packing every day, carrying luggage up flights of stairs and moving. Coming home is a delight and free days are a pleasure. Taking a long walk along the promenade, sitting on your balcony looking at the sea, sipping wine at one of the many cafe bars or having lunch in the harbor, nothing is more relaxing.

If you want to see the best of Dalmatia, unpack once, sit by the sea during your free time, see authentic Dalmatia with a native, have the best cuisine that represents this area…then come with us for the trip of a lifetime.

Happy Travels, The Mandich Family and Mija.

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