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Love Affair With Croatia

My love affair with Croatia started in 1976 when Joe and I decided it was time to introduce our children to Joe’s family that still lived in the former Yugoslavia. For an American girl, it definitely was with trepidation that I made the trip to a then Communist country and then to Joe’s village that did not even have running water. Well, fast forward some forty years and we are totally integrated into life in Croatia and even own our own home in Brela on the seaside of the Dalmatian coast (which also happens to be the headquarters for our Classic Croatian tour).


Croatia Only have been doing tours for the last thirteen years and have made wonderful friendships we our vendors and our guests. With this formula, do sincerely believe that we are with friends, not customers or vendors, as we tour this magnificent country.


In October we were struck with a life changing blow, our patriarch, Bette’s husband, our children’s father and friend to many in Croatia and Seattle was suddenly and unexpectedly taken ill with a staph infection that resulted in sepsis. Joe passed in Croatia, his birth place, and is buried in the family cemetery with his parents and brothers. As heartbroken as we all are, we know that it is such a blessing that Joe is where his life began.


We are committed to carrying on the tours with the same passion as we had when we started the company. As mentioned, our vendors are our family and they were equally grief-stricken. They are also equally committed to continuing on as Joe would want – no, demand! – that we showcase the beautiful countryside that Croatia has to offer. We continue with our same partners and we are also going to give you the experience that we have always provided: a small, intimate, authentic experience. 


With that I say, see you in Brela and to an experience like you have never had. The Mandich Family