Croatia Only Tours

about us

After introducing well over 1000 Americans to the spectacular country of Croatia over the last fifteen years (read testimonials), we have decided that we would market our experience and form a small group travel business. We have found that this has become a necessity as we simply cannot accommodate everyone that wants to accompany the Mandich family on their yearly vacation to Croatia. It has become impossible to sneak out of town without bringing an entourage with us. Only kidding, friends.
mandich-family-photoJoe Mandich, the founder of the company, was born in Croatia and came to the United States when he was thirteen years old. Although Joe was educated at the United States Naval Academy and then received his MBA at the University of Washington, he has maintained ties to his native Croatia since his entire family lives there. Joe is fluent in the language and has made many friends in Brela, the place we will be headquartered for the entire tour. In the past ten years, through our friends in Brela, we have been exposed to some wonderful sights and adventures. We are offering this package to see Croatia in the best possible way…with a native Croat.

Bette Mandich, co-founder of the company, is an honorary Croatian. Her first trip to Croatia was in 1976 where she fell in love with the country, the people and the culture. Now that she has retired as a Territory Manager with Proctor and Gamble, Bette is thrilled with her second career as your hostess while in Croatia. She looks forward to introducing you to the many experiences and sights that she has had and seen and hopes that you will fall in love with Croatia as she has.

Our daughter, Monya, is also part of the Croatia Only team. Monya brings with her 8+ years of sales and marketing experience in the travel industry where she worked as a Manager at Expedia.com. Additionally, Monya has 10+ years of acting as an unofficial tour guide to the dozens of friends that have visited Croatia and looks forward to making that position official.