Croatia Only Tours

Seven Ways We are Different

1. We use the hub and spoke system. That means that you stay in one place for the entire tour, unpack once and have the luxury of being based in the magnificent village of Brela.  Brela was voted by Forbes magazine as being the most beautiful beach in all of Europe with its’ Blue and White flag awarded beaches. That distinction is given by the EU for beaches and water that are ecologically clean, unspoiled and pristine.

2. The owners of Croatia Only Tours live 5 months each year in Croatia in a restored, old stone house but are US citizens. We know what Americans like! The remainder of the time, they live in Seattle and California. 

3.  We are able to travel to some private homes for meals, a truly unique and amazing experience that our guests have raved about.

4.  We Do Not eat the typical tourist menu.  We dine on the best of Dalmatian/Croatian specialties,  prepared by well-known chefs and frequented by locals that know quality food. It is a culinary experience as you sample foods from different regions that include lamb to fruits of the sea. In a Time magazine article when asked: ” What locale has surprised you the most”, Bourdain responded that “Croatia food was really, really spectacular. That said, if you require specific foods, we will try to make that available to the guest at the guests expense.

5.  We are a small group tour of  8 – 18 guests and that allows us access to intimate locations that includes private residences and farms where you will experience real Croatian living and dining.

6.  Over the years we have developed intimate relationships with our partners, including lodging, restaurants, and guides.  We are truly treated like family.

7.  For those of you with Croatian ancestry, we have been successful in the past in finding the villages, churches, and gravesites of your ancestors.  We hope that you will be successful as well.