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That’s one big clam!

That clam could feed an entire village in Dalmatia. Really, only joking. That piece of art is a representation of the creativity of the people that live on the Adriatic Coast. I am so impressed with the art that is produced in Dalmatia; everything from jewelry, paintings, weaving, sculpture, music,[…]

Why Olive Oil is so expensive

Once again the end of October/beginning of November is olive picking time in Dalmatia. I don’t know much about Olive trees,  but I have been told that every other year the yield is bigger.  Last year was not a good year in Brela for olives, they were small and scarce. […]


On our Croatia Only Tour, we visit the town of Mostar, located in Bosnia/Herzegovina. Mostar is famous for its’ bridge that spans the Neretva River and its’ Turkish style bizarre. The stone bridge was designed by Mimar Hayruddin in 1566 under the orders of Sultan Suleiman. The bridge is 92[…]