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Oh those Pine Trees in Brela

Brela is known for its’ incredible beaches, pristine waters, long stretch of promenade and those beautiful pine trees that hang out over the beach. Someone was so very clever to plant those trees to provide shade from the intense, summer sun. There is an ambiance that the Brela beaches provide[…]

Fall in Croatia

It’s a gorgeous October day and we are enjoying the time with our lifelong friends from California sitting on our terrace in Brela. The weather in late September and October is similar to the weather in May, sunny, warm days and refresh, cool evenings. These are for me perfect since[…]

Croatian Pride

If anyone wants to talk about being proud of their country, you have seen nothing until you talk to a Croatian. Let me tell you, these people are full of pride for anything Croatian…their Adriatic Sea, their mountains, their food, their people, their artists, and their Football Team… what we[…]