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Old Sunday Drives

Remember the old Sunday drives? Well Joe and I decided to take one of those ” old people” Sunday drive yesterday. Instead of the scenic A-1 on the East Coast or the Pacific Coast Highway on the West Coast, we took the only road going north to south (other than[…]

Makarska Riverside

The Makarska Riviera is an area that encompasses a series of small villages that line the Adriatic Coast. Villages like Brela, Baska Voda, Bratus, and Tucepi are just a few of the small villages that are situated on the Adriatic Sea and are magnificent in their beauty, tranquility, authenticity and[…]

That’s one big clam!

That clam could feed an entire village in Dalmatia. Really, only joking. That piece of art is a representation of the creativity of the people that live on the Adriatic Coast. I am so impressed with the art that is produced in Dalmatia; everything from jewelry, paintings, weaving, sculpture, music,[…]