Croatia Only Tours



On our Croatia Only Tour, we visit the town of Mostar, located in Bosnia/Herzegovina. Mostar is famous for its’ bridge that spans the Neretva River and its’ Turkish style bizarre. The stone bridge was designed by Mimar Hayruddin in 1566 under the orders of Sultan Suleiman. The bridge is 92[…]

Dalmatian Island Brač

With over 1100 islands on the Dalmatian coast, Brac is one that is know for its natural beauty, antiquity and wine. The vineyards of this Croatian island have the similar challenges that do the remainder of the Islands; that being lack of water and poor soil. I heard an expert[…]

Brač Croatia

As I sit on my terrace in Brela, I am looking directly to the Island of Brac. In addition to the many beautiful towns on this Dalmation Island, there is the sculpture school in the town of Pucisca. For over 100 years, students have been carving objects d’art out of[…]