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frequently asked questions

Where is Croatia?

Croatia is located in Central Europe across the Adriatic Sea from Italy.

Is it easy to get to Croatia?

Croatia is easily accessible by air from all major European cities.

Do they speak English?

Croats involved in tourism speak many languages, including English. In addition, Joe Mandich, your host, is fluent in Croatian.

Are there any safety concerns?

Croatia is extremely safe. It can be comparable to small states in the United States for safety. There are no refugees on the Dalmatian Coast due to the fact that the coast of Croatia is very rugged and not friendly to foot traffic. Refugees traveled from Greece through Serbia then along the Croatia/Hungry border. This area is flat and hundreds of miles from the coast.

What weather should I expect?

The Adriatic coast enjoys a Mediterranean climate with an overwhelming number of sunny days, dry and hot summers, mild and humid winters. Average temperatures in May and June range from 60 to 80 degrees, in July they range from 70 to 86 degrees and September and October range from 60 to 78 degrees.

Do the rooms have air-conditioning? 

We cannot guarantee air-conditioning in the rooms.

Are single travelers allowed?

We welcome all tourists! There will be a moderate price adjustment for single room occupancy.

What is the food like?

The area that we will be visiting is the Mediterranean and the food is similar to that which you would find across all Mediterranean countries; seafood, lamb, veal and other fare.  To see pictures, click here.

Can I be Gluten Free in Croatia?

While Croatia has come a long way in this area we cannot guarantee meals will be gluten free.

What is the currency?

The Croatian currency is called the Kuna and is pegged to the Euro and floats accordingly against the US Dollar.

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