Croatia Only Tours

Finding your Croatia Roots

Croatia Only Tours has been successful in uniting many of our guests with their Croatia ancestors. Provided with names, birth dates and addresses we have helped our guests to locate family members and to explore their Croatian heritage. It has been very rewarding for us and extremely exciting to be[…]

The Beautiful Island of Brac

​The Adriatic coast has over 1100 islands of which only 60 are inhabited. On Croatia Only Tours, we are able to visit two of these islands.  The “fish picnic” which starts in Brela and brings us to the Island of Brac, known for its’ famous Brac stone, is one of our[…]

Beautiful Croatia Beach of Brela

The area of Brela Beaches is one of the most unique area of the Adriatic coast due to the pine forests that surrounds the beaches.  These pines are called aleppo pines and they are the oldest and most picturesque specimens that grow next to the sea. In addition, the magnificent[…]