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Beautiful Croatia Beach of Brela

The area of Brela Beaches is one of the most unique area of the Adriatic coast due to the pine forests that surrounds the beaches.  These pines are called aleppo pines and they are the oldest and most picturesque specimens that grow next to the sea. In addition, the magnificent[…]

Brela Downtime

When the guests leave, it is time for us to relax! It is also time for the family to arrive and enjoy the sun, solitude and the sea. Breakfasts are late in the morning and so wonderful. We have cheese and sausage from the farmer’s market in Zadvarije, fresh tomatoes and peppers from[…]

Brela Reveries

As I sit here in cold, cloudy, rainy and sometimes foggy Seattle, I have the comfort of some food delicacies that we brought back with us from Dalmatia to Seattle. In the morning I really enjoy having my toast with the Drunken Fig Marmalade. The “drunken” part is due to the[…]