Croatia Only Tours

Picking Pomegrantes

It is that time again; time to pick pomegranates. By the first of October, the pomegranates are ripe and juicy and we have several bushes on our property that are just enough for our family. The first year I peeled these juicy devils, the walls and I were covered with[…]

Brela Downtime

When the guests leave, it is time for us to relax! It is also time for the family to arrive and enjoy the sun, solitude and the sea. Breakfasts are late in the morning and so wonderful. We have cheese and sausage from the farmer’s market in Zadvarije, fresh tomatoes and peppers from[…]

Croatian Cuisine

The cuisine of Croatia is a combination of Mediteranean sophistication and centuries-old traditional recipes. You will sample fare that includes varied seafood and shellfish, meat dishes such as lamb and pork and pastas and risottos.