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A Fantastic Labor Day

Today Joe and I went for our daily fresh bread run into Baska Voda, the next town south of Brela, and were so surprised with what was happening there.  We forgot that today is International Labor Day in Europe and we were met with a marching band.  It was fantastic. As[…]

Brela Downtime

When the guests leave, it is time for us to relax! It is also time for the family to arrive and enjoy the sun, solitude and the sea. Breakfasts are late in the morning and so wonderful. We have cheese and sausage from the farmer’s market in Zadvarije, fresh tomatoes and peppers from[…]

Bette’s Blog: Hvar

Sitting here in rainy, cold Seattle, my mind travels back to sunny Hvar with its’ lavender fields and the views from the Hvar fort into the harbor and surrounding islands. It truly is one of the most magnificent views in the entire Adriatic. It is always a special day on[…]