Croatia Only Tours

The Farm

The first full day at the start of our tour, we are able to enjoy a half day at a eco-farm. Translated into English, that means everything – and I mean everything – is produced by the owners through their labors. All the liquors that we sample, the wine we[…]

2015 Tour Dates

The 2014 tour season for Croatia Only Tours was the best we have ever had. It appears that more and more people want to experience Dalmatia and that magnificent Adriatic coast and we were privileged to travel central and southern Dalmatia with groups of excited travelers. We have posted the[…]

Picking Pomegrantes

It is that time again; time to pick pomegranates. By the first of October, the pomegranates are ripe and juicy and we have several bushes on our property that are just enough for our family. The first year I peeled these juicy devils, the walls and I were covered with[…]