Croatia Only Tours

The Beautiful Island of Brac

​The Adriatic coast has over 1100 islands of which only 60 are inhabited. On Croatia Only Tours, we are able to visit two of these islands.  The “fish picnic” which starts in Brela and brings us to the Island of Brac, known for its’ famous Brac stone, is one of our[…]

Picking Pomegrantes

It is that time again; time to pick pomegranates. By the first of October, the pomegranates are ripe and juicy and we have several bushes on our property that are just enough for our family. The first year I peeled these juicy devils, the walls and I were covered with[…]

Spring Morning in Dalmatia

Being in Brela in the spring has mixed blessings:  some rain and no tourists.  Today Joe and I decided to drive to Baska Voda (the next town south of Brela) and walk in the nature preserve. It was exquisite and the scent of gardenias were in the air.  It was fantastic.  The scent comes from a[…]